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Big Fat Coupon Book

The magazine contains dozens of coupons for everything you could possibly want from dining out to dining in, shopping for souvenirs to making your own, trips out on the water to putting around the golf course.  You can find a coupon for pretty much anything you or your family could want to do.

Big Fat also has two dozen maps that will help you find your way around island and the surrounding area.  Hilton Head can be tricky to navigate since the town restricts signage.  It makes for a beautiful island, but does make it hard to find what you want.

If you go our Facebook page, you will also be able to find more special discounts and even the giveaways!

The Hurst Family

Big Fat Coupon Book has been on Hilton Head Island since the 1990s. This year, 2021, is the 14th issue of the magazine under the Hurst Family.

Robert and Sarah Hurst have done everything start to finish on the book themselves (except for the actual printing, of course). This is truly a family business.


In 2019, the book became the sole responsibility of Sarah as Robert is attending Law School at the University of South Carolina during the week.  So if you need anything, you'll want to contact Sarah.

If you want to have a smile put on your face, call Samantha, their daughter.

Sam's cute.

No lie.

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