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Del Sol

We make and sell products that change color in the sun for all our Del Sol stores worldwide, which create fun, joy, smiles and memories for everyone under the sun.


Established in 1994, Del Sol combined science and sunshine to create the world’s first T-shirt that changes color in sunlight. Since then, we have grown to become the world’s largest retailer of merchandise that changes color in the sun, and the Caribbean’s largest clothing retailer.

We’ve made visiting Del Sol a magical experience that people of all ages and from all places can truly enjoy. Del Sol provides a new and exciting adventure that adds the finishing touches to any family vacation or day-trip excursion.

Del Sol’s color-changing apparel & accessories are sure to “wow” you… Step outside to see them dramatically change color in sunlight! Sunshine turns everything at Del Sol into rainbows of colors that disappear when you go back indoors.

We’ve put color-change fun into everything we make, from color-changing board shorts to color change sunglasses. Our color change nail polish is a popular favorite, and our color changing shirts and sweatshirts come in colors and cuts for the whole family.

Shirts, shorts, hats, jewelry, tote bags, nail polish, beach toys, and more that all change color in the sun!

Location: Coligny Plaza off Acocet Rd.

1 N Forest Beach Dr. 

Hilton Head Island, SC 

Phone: (843) 842-6900