Lowcountry Photography by Ed Funk.jpg

Lowcountry Photography

by Ed Funk

Ed Funk specializes in landscapes and nature photography of the world. See his award-winning photographs that show the beauty of the Lowcountry of South Carolina along with the majesty of Victoria Fall, Zimbabwe and the rolling hills of Tuscany. There are flowers, birds, and butterflies from around the world.

“If you are fortunate enough to live or travel to the places that nature rules, you’ve surely encountered its limitless beauty. Maybe you have come upon a scene that was so spectacular that you had to stop in your tracks, speechless and awed by what you saw.

“I have been lucky enough to find many of these vistas, and with camera in hand, have captured some of that beauty. As a caretaker of these images, I humbly offer some of my best photos of the breathtaking scenes that surround us all. My wish is that you might enjoy one of nature’s finest views every day on your living room or office wall, and let it inspire and refresh you anew each time you view it.”

-Ed Funk

Framed & Matted Photos can be purchase on his website.