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Hilton Head Ice Cream

Since 1982, Hilton Head Ice Cream has been making real, homemade, award-winning ice cream for locals, tourists and local area restaurants. With a variety of traditional as well as unique flavors like Chocolate Cayenne, Cookie Monster and Peach Pecan, there’s a flavor for everyone…and if you’re craving one of our seasonal flavors, contact us at least 48 hours in advance and we’ll make it especially for you!

With cream prices rising constantly, most of our competitors have been buying watered down cream ( less % butterfat) to make their ice cream. This means you are getting more water than cream and that also creates ice crystals in the product as well as freezer burn. We use a high quality cream, and the same butterfat content that we used when we opened 35 years ago. We never skimp on any ingredients no matter the cost. While we may not offer the cheapest ice cream, we definitely offer the best. The best cream, the best (freshest) nuts as well as real.

FLAVORS (not always available)

• Birthday Cake Ice Cream
• Brownie Cheesecake
• Butterfinger Ice Cream
• Butter Pecan Ice Cream
• Candy Cane Ice Cream
• Cappuccino Ice Cream
• Cayenne Chocolate Ice Cream
• Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream
• Chocolate Ice Cream
• Cinnamon Ice Cream
• Cookie Dough Ice Cream
• Cookie Monster Ice Cream
• Double Chocolate Ice Cream

• Espresso Ice Cream
• French Vanilla
• Heath Bar Ice Cream
• Kahlua Chip Ice Cream
• Lemon Custard Ice Cream
• Mint Chip Ice Cream
• Mocha Pecan Ice Cream
• Oreo Ice Cream
• Peanut Butter Chip Ice Cream
• Pistachio
• Praline Ice Cream
• Pumpkin Ice Cream

• Reese’s Ice Cream
• Spumoni Ice Cream
• Strawberry Ice Cream
• Superman Ice Cream
• Toasted Coconut Ice Cream
• Turtle Ice Cream
• Vanilla Chip Ice Cream
• Vanilla Ice Cream
• Lemon Sorbet (Non-Fat)
• Mango Sorbet (Non-Fat)
• Raspberry Sorbet (Non-Fat)
• Watermelon Sherbert

Location: Fountain Center

55 New Orleans Rd #114,

Hilton Head Island, SC


Phone: (843) 842-6333