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Hilton Head Boat Charters

Hilton Head Yacht Charter is all about you. Imagine your own floating resort on the calm inland waters of Hilton Head. Choose your guests, activities, menus, and everything else. Your day cruise is only limited by your imagination and those of your guests.

Do you want to learn to waterski? How about challenge your son to ride the FliteBoard? Have you ever felt the acceleration of a Sea-Bob as you skim across the water and then dive to 6 feet? How about the bouncing and non-stop laughs while tubing?

Catch your breath, slow down, and relax on your floating platform lounge chairs, or you can just simply climb down the swim ladder for a quick swim. All this awaits you aboard you day charter on Top Shelf.

Now for their hidden secret… Chef Jenn! She is an award-winning chef who will prepare the best lunch Hilton Head has to offer both ashore or on the water. You will select your menu and Chef Jenn and crew will do the rest.

The day wouldn’t be complete without enjoying some of your favorite beverages. They provide a “Top Shelf” complimentary bar service which will be on board waiting for you.

It’s all about you! Come experience the best day on the water that Hilton Head has to offer.

They can’t wait to welcome you on board!

Location: Charter Headquarters at the Shelter Cove Harbor Shops

Hilton Head Island, SC

Phone: (843) 842-7002