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The Sandbox:

An Interactive Children’s Museum

A spur-of-the-moment visit to The Sandbox can be just as rewarding as a planned visit.  Either way, talk to you child about what they will see.  Find out what excites them and relate what is being learned in school to their visit.  Review the operating policies to be sure your child understands safety and behavior rules.

During your visit, follow your children’s lead.  Try to relate facts about the exhibits to what your child already knows. Encourage the use of IMAGINATION.

Process your experience when you return home.  Find out what your child learned during the visit and what might be of interest the next time you and your child visit.


An International Bazaar – The Café and shopping experience exercises the child’s physical cognitive and social skills while providing opportunities for group play, identifying fruits and vegetables and engaging in conversation with their caregiver.


Grocery Corner – An Island Grocery where everything is child-sized (even the grocery carts), children can explore an environment that mimics the real thing. Our shelves are filled with food products that range from lemons to ketchup to canned soup. Follow the food chain! 

Flight Deck – Little pilots fly the friendly skies in the international airport terminal with a plane complete with pilot, co-pilot and passenger seats. Pilot costumes fuel the imagination as children navigate their take-off and landing complete with sounds to add to their experience. They can maneuver the throttle of this real jet and listen to the directions from the flight town through their captain headphones. Added recently, your pilots can view (3) different flight simulations on a large flat screen and maybe spark an interest in becoming an astronaut.

Builders of Tomorrow – Children can put on hard hats and construction worker vest to get right down to the business of building. 

Charlie’s Perfect Playplace – This gated area is specifically designed for infants and toddlers visiting The Sandbox. The children can enjoy crawling and sliding on their own play gym built just for their size and maneuverability. 

Learner’s Loft – The Sandbox has a cozy upstairs loft that is designed to stimulate all kinds of learning including STEM learning!. 

Loggerhead Sandcastle – Upon entering The Sandbox the first exhibit is the Loggerhead Sandcastle which surrounds the children in sand, sea and sky. 

No Fishing Aquarium – Children love to watch and explore underwater life and in this 48” salt water aquarium filled with beautiful tropical fish there are lots of colors and movement to amaze their little minds. 

Rhythm and Hues Room – Our little Picasso’s can show off their unique creative talents in the Rhythm and Hues room. 

SCBT Bank – The SCBT bank contains two teller stations with drawers where play money and checks are stored. 

The Adventure – Inspired by the earliest visitors to the Hilton Head area, William Hilton’s ship of discovery is modeled after a 16th century Spanish galleon. 

Shadow Wall - ​ A Shadow wall is a phosphor wall that will store light from a strobe flash, temporarily freezing your shadow. You can stretch and pose before the strobe flashes to produce unique shadows


The Sandbox has seasonal hours.  Please check their website for more information.


Lowcountry Celebration Park on Pope Avenue

Hilton Head Island, SC

(843) 842-7645

Tanger 2 Outlets

Bluffton, SC

(843) 705-6235


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